Logan Turnpike Mill

Location: On Highway 19/129 five miles south of Blairsville at mile marker 8.

George and Cecilia Holland are the owners of Logan Turnpike Mill. They purchased the mill in 1986 from George and Becky Rogers. The mill has an antique Williams grist mill circa 1916 and a 1926 Fairbanks Morse hit-n-miss engine mounted on a buckboard wagon with iron wheels. People were delighted that freshly ground grains could taste so good and old engines could be so loud!

Through the years the mill has contracted with local farmers to grow corn. The hot summers in Georgia really sets the flavor. Wheat comes from Montana where the cold climate and soil produce a high protein grain. Rye grain comes from the Midwest and our buckwheat comes from up-state New York.

The stone grinding process utilizes the whole grain. Nothing is removed. They also grind at a much lower temperature than the high-speed roller mills used today in commercial milling. Keeping the grains cool does not destroy the heat sensitive nutrients and makes for a much more flavorful and healthy product.